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Quite simply, our mission is to create an exceptional experience, not just for our guests, but also for our team members, and even our business partners and vendors. We want to have a positive, lasting impact on everyone we come into contact with, treat them with genuine care, integrity, and with a spirit of service. 

It's critically important to us that every team member understands this mission, embraces it, and actively participates in creating these exceptional experiences for our guests, their co-workers, and for anyone they come into contact with as part of our team. 


The Woodhouse Day Spa was founded in Texas in 2002 by young entrepreneur Jeni Garrett. Living in a small town in Texas, she longed for the big-city spa services she loved so much and set out to create a spa with resort-style treatments and service in her own small town. Since then, The Woodhouse has expanded to over 60 locations, each individually owned and operated. 

Woodhouse Day Spa

One of the things that drew or local owner Chris Mann to The Woodhouse concept is that it's unlike other franchises. The Woodhouse Home Office allows each spa owner to run their own business as they see fit, and provide ongoing support and guidance when needed. "It's more of a support system rather than a dictatorship," Chris says. "Having the freedom to hone our business with our own values, marketing, and local relevancy is one of the best things about The Woodhouse."

Although all Woodhouse Spas are operated under the same brand identity and offer the same services, each owner runs things slightly differently. This website is specific to The Woodhouse locations in Cincinnati, Dayton and Liberty Township.

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Each of our spas has 17 or more treatment areas, multiple quiet rooms for our guests to relax in before and after their services, and state of the art equipment such as Hydrafacial MD, Vichy Showers, and luxurious Pedicure Chairs. We have worked hard to design them to transport our guests out of the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives and into a state of calmness and relaxation.

One question we're often asked by prospective team members is "Is your spa just about relaxation? I really want to help people!" The answer is yes, of course we offer clinical treatments, but we offer them in an unmatched environment, with outstanding customer service, at a fair price. We want our guests to feel like they're getting a great value for their money and part of that value comes when they receive the same (or better) care with us than they would at their chiropractor, dermatologist, or in a clinical massage environment. 

We offer more than 70 rejuvenating spa treatments including:

  • Massage

  • Body Treatments in our Vichy Shower

  • Seaweed baths in our clawfoot soaking tub

  • Our famous nurturing facials using either our cosmeceutical skincare line Skinceuticals, or our all natural seaweed based line Voya.

  • Waxing

  • Expert Manicures and Pedicures

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